Dominant Race: Lothra (extinct)
Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Capital City: Oranu
Population: 2.8 Billion
Star: Ceti Alpha
Star System: Ceti Alpha system

Gemenon is a Terran Federation colony world.


Gemenon was originally the homeworld of the extinct Lothra. However, when a war broke out one the planet 40,000 years prior to 2626, much of the planet was decimated by the genetically engineered creatures used in the war.

Thousands of years later, Gemenon became the first world to be colonized by the Terran Federation following the Lirin War.


Gemonese people are religious, most of them being Christian (the biggest Church is the Soliders of The One Church) , but the Greek religions and Atheism are very religious. Gemonese speak Old Gemonese (Gemoneza Veche), similar to the Romanian language. It has close relationship with Caprica, New Holland and the European Union.


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Natural HistoryEdit

Gemenon has a limited biodiversity rate.

The dominant creatures of Gemenon are the Aviar and the Ibbot.

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